New Adventures Begin!

News, 2023-09-13

New Adventure begins!

Join us on a new experience of the Luna Online series, an action filled cross-platform MMORPG. The adventure of Luna Online Begins starts now!

Enjoy the fun as well as nostalgia with pure classic
EXP Rate 10x
Gold Rate 20x
Drop Rate 40x
Max caps Lv 99
Join now and follow various interesting events!
Free to play
Original Luna Classic
Feature Game :
- Space bar philo + enchant
- Smooth graphics anti alias x8
- Right click + enter execution
- Coordinate move trough mini map click
- Unlimited gold
- Party war
- Real times drop mob view monster
- Guild War
- Raid Boss
- PVP Map
- Cute costume
- Castle Siege (New Feature)


Level Rank

Job Nickname Level