Terms of Service

By registering and playing Flyfi Luna Online you agree to the following terms and conditions, infringing or the intent to infringe upon any of these rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban of one or all your accounts depending on the severity;

  • You will not join FLO with the intent to advertise anything, be it a service, a website, another game or server, etc.
  • You will not grief or disturb any member of the community, be it a staff member or another player.
    • Impersonating another player or staff member or using their name in combination with other words to harass or insult is forbidden.
    • Constant kill stealing and PK hunting of a player is considered griefing and harassment.

  • You will not use any of the material from the website or forums anywhere for any reason without given consent from administration.

  • You will respect all community members and will not harass, insult, discriminate, defame or falsely accuse them for any reason. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia or prejudice of any kind have no place here.
  • You will only use English in global shouts (megaphone).

  • You will not conduct any illegal business or transactions through FLO.
  • You will not conduct real world or other games' currency, goods or service transactions with other community members for game currency, goods or services and vice-versa.
  • You will not buy/sell/trade FLO accounts for any game or real currency, goods or services.

  • You will respect all staff members, you will not ask for handouts, you will not defame or harass them.
    • Any issues with a staff member must be discussed privately with administration. Trying to discuss any member/staff matter publicly with any intent will result in a suspension.

  • You will not abuse or exploit any errors or bugs within the game, website or forum. Doing so will result in a permanent ban, regardless of circumstance or ignorance.
    • If you happen upon a bug or exploit you must report it immediately to our bugs section without spreading information about it, which may lead others to use and abuse it.

  • You will not use any third party software (bots, cheat engines, etc) to abuse any feature within the game or AFK play.
  • You will not use more than 5 accounts to AFK fish.

  • You will not try to trick or scam other community members to gain account access, currency, goods or services through any means.

  • You will be responsible for your own account's and items' safety. Telling others your account information or willingly giving them your items for any reason (lending, etc) is your own choice and the consequences that come with it will be from your own doing.
    • The staff have no obligation to help such cases.

The administration of 
Flyfi Luna Online reserves the right to modify the TOS at any given time


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